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At GuangzhouSourcing.com, we are the eyes and ears of your operation in China. As your trusted partner, we can provide a full service solution for sourcing and contract manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta, as well as anywhere else in Mainland China. We perform quality checks and factory audits on-site at your factory’s location. We focus on serving small and medium sized enterprises, predominantly from Europe. We ensure the fulfillment of your requirements and truly care about making your supply chain as hassle-free as possible.

Quality Checks and Factory Audits

We do quality inspections during and after the production process, as well as factory audits at the factory location in (South) China. We ensure the fulfillment of your requirements.

Sourcing Services

We assist in the complete sourcing process, by selecting appropriate factories, requesting samples and placing orders. For business trips or fair attendance we provide a professional guidance, including translation services and help by setting up meetings.

Logistics & Shipment consolidation

Our clients can have shipments from different suppliers delivered to our logistics warehouse in Baiyun district (Guangzhou). Once arrived we can check the quality of your products, combine packages and ship them out together.

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Factory selection and 1688

Part of the work we do at GuangzhouSourcing.com is researching our clients’ products. This research work aims on finding a verified supplier

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Don't forget to plan around holidays! There are currently seven official public holidays in China. Each year’s holidays are announced weeks be