Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

We are an international procurement company that helps businesses around the world navigate the Chinese market and successfully source in China. Our main focus lies in comprehensive procurement solutions for OS&E, FF&E, and building materials. Our services include managing the entire procurement process from pricing to specification sign-off, sample approval, shop drawing coordination, quality inspections, and shipping. We help simplify procurement and supply chain management by providing a single point of contact, one set of payment terms, and a unified timeline. Overall, we specialize in facilitating the procurement of high-quality products in China for businesses in need of building materials and interior fit-outs for building projects.

Yes, bad quality can be a significant issue when sourcing products from China. As a sourcing and procurement company, we understand the challenges associated with ensuring product quality in China. This is particularly true when businesses do not have a physical presence at the manufacturer's factory, making it difficult to directly oversee production or conduct quality inspections.

However, at GuangzhouSourcing, we are dedicated to tackling this issue head-on. We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to our clients, and we have implemented stringent quality control measures to address this concern. Our team conducts thorough inspections at multiple stages of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished goods, to ensure that products meet your specifications and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Moreover, by working closely with trusted suppliers and conducting supplier evaluations, we strive to mitigate the risk of poor quality products. We also facilitate sample orders and mock-up rooms to give you the opportunity to assess the quality of the products before finalizing your procurement decisions.

Our commitment to quality management in China sets us apart as a reliable partner in ensuring that the products you source from China meet your expectations. We leverage our expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of procurement in China, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of product quality.

Yes, we are an international working procurement groups with multiple companies, with which we can sign contracts.

As a sourcing and procurement company, our clients at GuangzhouSourcing vary across industries and sectors. We cater to a diverse range of businesses and organizations that require sourcing and procurement services specifically for building materials and interior fit-outs for building projects.

Our clients include hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants that rely on us to source high-quality materials for their interior designs. We also work with property developers who need assistance in procuring building materials for their construction projects. Additionally, construction companies seeking reliable sourcing solutions for their various projects are among our valued clients.

We understand that each client has unique requirements and specifications for their projects. From large-scale hotel chains to independent boutique establishments, our expertise extends across the spectrum to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service to all our clients. We work closely with each client to understand their project goals, specifications, and budgetary constraints, ensuring a seamless procurement process that meets their specific requirements. Our goal is to form long-term partnerships and become a trusted procurement partner for businesses seeking reliable sourcing solutions in China.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) can vary depending on the specific products and suppliers involved. The MOQ is typically set by the suppliers themselves and is influenced by factors such as production capabilities, material availability, and cost considerations.

As a sourcing and procurement company, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and assist in finding suppliers that can meet their desired MOQs. We strive to find a balance between your requirements and the suppliers' capabilities to ensure a successful procurement process.

It is important to note that MOQs can vary significantly depending on the nature of the product, industry standards, and the specific supplier. Some suppliers may have higher MOQs for custom-made or specialized products, while others may have lower MOQs for readily available goods.

During our procurement process, we communicate with suppliers to negotiate and optimize the MOQs to best meet your needs. Our aim is to find a solution that aligns with your project requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness and maintaining high-quality standards.

We understand that MOQs can play a crucial role in procurement decisions, and our team at GuangzhouSourcing is committed to finding the best possible solutions to meet your specific needs and achieve successful outcomes for your projects.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we understand that ensuring transparency and confidence in your procurement process is crucial. We have put in place measures to address this concern and provide peace of mind to our clients.

Once you have paid for the products in full but have not yet received them, we implement several steps to ensure that you know what you will receive:

1. Detailed Product Specifications: Before making any payments, we work closely with you to clearly define and document the specifications of the products you require. This includes factors such as dimensions, materials, colors, and any other specific features that are important to you. These specifications serve as our guide during the sourcing and procurement process.

2. Supplier Selection and Evaluation: We carefully select suppliers based on their expertise, experience, and adherence to quality standards. We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products. We evaluate suppliers through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are capable of meeting your requirements.

3. Sample Approval: To provide you with a tangible representation of the products you will receive, we facilitate sample orders if required. Once the samples are received, we involve you in the approval process. This ensures that you have a physical representation of the product before the final production and shipment take place. You can thoroughly evaluate the samples to confirm that they meet your expectations and specifications.

4. Quality Inspections: Our team conducts quality inspections throughout the production process. This includes inspecting raw materials, checking workmanship, and verifying that the final products align with your specifications and quality standards. This step helps us identify any potential issues early on and ensure that the final products meet your expectations.

5. Communication and Updates: Throughout the procurement process, we maintain clear and open communication with you. We provide regular updates on the production progress, quality inspections, and any other relevant information. This ensures you are informed and involved in the process, allowing you to have visibility into what you will receive.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we strive to provide transparency and ensure that you know what you will receive after making payments in full. Our commitment to detailed specifications, supplier evaluation, sample approval, quality inspections, and open communication helps build trust and confidence in the procurement process. Our goal is to deliver the products that meet your expectations and specifications, providing you with peace of mind throughout the procurement journey.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we understand your need for a clear understanding of manufacturing timelines before proceeding with your procurement. The usual manufacturing period typically ranges between 30 and 40 days

These timelines are approximate and can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the products, the order quantity, and the specific requirements for manufacturing. It's important to note that these timelines are contingent upon all details being confirmed and approved, including product specifications, samples, and other necessary documentation.

We work closely with our network of trusted suppliers to ensure efficient production processes while maintaining high-quality standards. Throughout the manufacturing period, we maintain open communication to provide regular updates on the progress of your order.

Please keep in mind that specific products or larger orders may require additional time for manufacturing and quality control. However, we always aim to strike the right balance between meeting your project timelines and ensuring that the products meet your expectations.

Our experienced team at GuangzhouSourcing will guide you through the procurement process, providing you with a realistic estimate of the manufacturing period based on your specific requirements. We are dedicated to delivering your products within a reasonable timeframe and maintaining transparency throughout the procurement journey.

For a list of reference project we have worked on, please see

At GuangzhouSourcing, we understand that the lead time for ordering building materials from China is a crucial aspect of your procurement process. The overall lead time for ordering building materials from China typically includes two main components: manufacturing time and shipping time.

The manufacturing time, can range between 30 and 40 days on average. This timeframe accounts for the production process, including sourcing raw materials, manufacturing the building materials, conducting quality control inspections, and packaging.

In addition to the manufacturing time, the shipping time should also be considered. Shipping times can vary depending on the destination and the shipping method chosen. For example, air freight may be faster but more costly, while sea freight may take longer but offer more cost-effective options for larger shipments.

When determining the lead time for your specific building material order, we factor in both the manufacturing time and the estimated shipping time based on your chosen shipping method and destination. This will give you a clearer picture of when you can expect to receive your ordered building materials.

It is important to note that lead times can vary depending on factors such as customization requirements, order quantities, and the availability of specific building materials. Our team at GuangzhouSourcing is experienced in managing lead times effectively and navigating any potential challenges to ensure smoother procurement processes and timely delivery.

We work closely with our suppliers and logistic partners to streamline the entire process, from manufacturing to shipping, aiming to provide you with accurate lead time estimates and reliable delivery. Through open communication and proactive management, we strive to meet your project timelines and deliver the building materials you need in a timely manner.

Choosing quality products is an essential aspect of the sourcing process, especially when sourcing from overseas. At GuangzhouSourcing, we leverage our experience and expertise to facilitate the selection of high-quality products, focusing on the following key steps:

1. Clearly Define Your Product Specifications

The first and foremost step is to clearly define your product specifications. We help you clarify essential details such as the materials, size, color, functionality, compliance standards, and any other special features you require in your products. Having well-defined specifications aids in outlining what constitutes a quality product for your specific needs.

2. Conduct Market Research

We perform thorough market research to identify reputable suppliers who can meet your defined specifications. Market research can involve studying industry trends, understanding the reputation of the suppliers, and reviewing customer feedback. Our knowledge of the Chinese market allows us to identify trusted suppliers who are renowned for delivering quality products.

3. Supplier Evaluation

The next step involves a comprehensive evaluation of shortlisted suppliers. We assess their manufacturing capabilities, quality control procedures, compliance with industry and regulatory standards, and reputation in the market. Our supplier evaluation process is designed to ensure we select suppliers who emphasize quality in their manufacturing processes.

4. Sample Verification

Requesting and approving product samples is a critical step to ensure quality. We liaise with suppliers to obtain samples and conduct rigorous checks against your set quality parameters and product specifications. This hands-on verification gives you a real-world representation of the product's quality before a full-scale production run.

5. Imbibe Quality Control Measures

Finally, we employ strict quality control measures to ensure the final products meet the defined specifications. This includes performing regular quality checks and inspections during the manufacturing process and undertaking a final inspection of produced goods. Our thorough quality control measures ensure that any product inconsistencies or defects are identified and addressed before the products reach you.

At GuangzhouSourcing, our mission is to help you source quality products that fulfill your specific needs. The aforementioned steps illustrate our systematic approach towards selecting quality products. By partnering with GuangzhouSourcing, you have access to our robust quality assurance methods, ensuring that the products you receive are of the highest quality.

Ensuring product safety is a critical step in the sourcing and procurement process. As GuangzhouSourcing, we take product safety seriously and have established procedures to evaluate it:

1. Clarifying Safety Standards

The first step is to understand and clarify the safety standards relevant to your product. We work closely with you to identify these standards, which could include international safety standards, industry-specific guidelines, or even specific safety criteria outlined by your organization. This initial clarification forms the foundation for our subsequent safety evaluation procedures.

2. Supplier Assessments

We conduct thorough assessments of potential suppliers, focusing on their capacity to meet the specified safety standards. This includes evaluating their manufacturing processes, materials used, and quality control procedures. The objective is to engage suppliers who place a high emphasis on product safety and are capable of meeting the laid down safety standards.

3. Testing and Inspections

Once the manufacturing process is underway, we implement standard testing and inspections to monitor product safety. This could include testing product samples, carrying out in-line production checks, and conducting final inspections before shipment. These measures help us identify and resolve any potential safety issues beforehand.

4. Compliance Checks

Depending on the nature of your product and the region where it will be used, there could be specific regulations and standards that need to be adhered to. We ensure that your products comply with these statutory and regulatory requirements, thus assuring product safety.

5. Documentation Verification

Our safety evaluation also involves verifying relevant documentation provided by the suppliers, like safety certificates. This step helps ensure that the products have been tested and certified as safe according to recognized standards.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we prioritize product safety as much as product quality. We believe that a truly high-quality product is one that is not only designed and manufactured well but is also safe to use. Our detailed safety evaluations are designed with all these considerations in mind, ensuring that the products you source through us meet your safety standards and expectations.

FAQ: Trade Terms

Hong Kong Dollar. HKD.

US Dollar. USD.

Euro. EUR.

Pound Sterling. GBP.

Chinese Yuan. CNY.

Singapore Dollar. SGD.

Japanese Yen. JPY.

Australia Dollar. AUD.

Swiss Franc. CHF

New Zealand Dollar. NZD

Canadian Dollar. CAD

Behind Guangzhou Sourcing stands a procurement group with entities in Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We can sign contracts with any entitiy in these regions, depending on your requirements.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we strive to establish convenient and flexible payment terms to ensure a seamless procurement process for our clients. 

Typically, our payment terms are structured on a milestone basis with the aim to minimize risk and provide financial security to both our clients and suppliers. The milestones usually include:

1. Initial Deposit

The initial deposit is typically required to kick off the technical coordination process. So if the order requires shop drawings, we will charge first a small amount against shop draiwngs and samples for approvals.

2. Production Deposit

Once all relevant details are confirmed and approved, the production down payment is processed. This is a typical payment set up with factories all across China.

The initial deposit and production deposit usually sum up to a total of 30-40% of the total value.

3. Final Payment

The final payment is made once all goods have been produced, inspected, approved, and ready for shipping. This payment is processed before the goods are released for shipping.

This balance payment equals to the total cost minus all down payments made.

These payment terms are meant to provide a general structure. However, we understand that each project is unique, and we can adjust these terms based on the specific requirements or constraints of our clients. Please note that the specific percentages and terms can vary depending on various factors such as the order value, the supplier's terms, and the nature of the products among others.

We also facilitate a secure and hassle-free payment process, ensuring that transactions are safe and transparent. At GuangzhouSourcing, we emphasize creating a payment structure that aligns with your needs and ensures a successful procurement process.

Do you offer post payment terms?

At GuangzhouSourcing, our objective is to facilitate a smooth and seamless procurement process for all our clients. As part of this commitment, we strive to offer payment terms that are transparent, secure, and in accordance with commonly accepted industry practices.

As mentioned in previous points, our typical payment structure involves a milestone-based framework, including an initial deposit to start the manufacturing process, a production payment once the goods have passed our quality control checks, and a final payment before the goods are released for shipping.

Given that we are tied to the commonly accepted payment terms of factories in China, we usually do not offer post-payment terms. The nature of the sourcing business involves procuring goods from manufacturers who generally require payment in advance or in stages as outlined above to cover their production and materials costs before releasing the goods.

We understand the financial considerations of our clients, but pre-financing orders is often not a feasible option in our business model due to the payment terms set by factories. By following these accepted industry practices, we ensure the sustainability of our business and the suppliers' business, thereby safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.

At GuangzhouSourcing, our priority is to ensure that all financial transactions are handled openly, honestly, and responsibly, thereby creating a trusted and reliable procurement process for our clients. While we understand the appeal of post-payment terms, our commitment to adherence to industry-standard payment practices ensures that we can continue to deliver high-quality products with reliable and consistent service.

FAQ:  Shipping

Determining the shipping costs is indeed an essential step in the procurement process. At GuangzhouSourcing, we understand the importance of having a clear overview of all costs involved, including shipping, to help in your budget planning.

When you engage our services, you can always request a shipping estimate. We calculate these estimates based on a variety of factors, including the size and weight of your order, the nature of the goods, the packaging necessary, and the desired destination. Please note that these are just estimates, and actual costs may vary.

Recognizing that every client's needs are unique, we work closely with our logistics partners to obtain the most competitive shipping rates for your order. We always aim to provide cost-effective logistics solution without compromising on the reliability or timing of the delivery.

In addition to our estimates, you can also make use of online tools that help in calculating shipping costs. For example, Freightos offers a helpful shipping calculator that can provide you with an instant estimate of your shipping costs. This tool can be beneficial in giving you an approximate idea of the shipping costs involved, especially during the early planning stages of your procurement process.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we strive to provide as much transparency and support in the procurement process as possible, including helping you understand the shipping costs. By keeping an open line of communication, we enable you to stay informed about the different cost components, including shipping, throughout the procurement journey.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we understand the value and convenience of door-to-door deliveries for our clients and, in many cases, we can certainly arrange these for you. 

With our extensive logistical capability and the solid partnerships we have with trusted freight and logistics providers, we coordinate the entire logistical process. This includes everything from picking up the products from the supplier's warehouse, managing the necessary customs clearance and import procedures, right through to delivery to your specified location.

However, it’s important to note that while we facilitate the logistical process, the buyer would need to act as the importing party. Essentially, this means that the buyer would be responsible for ensuring the goods comply with local import regulations and requirements, and paying any duties or taxes associated with the import.

We strive to offer as much assistance as possible in this process, providing guidance and offering rigorous coordination to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Please keep in mind that we abide by all local and international laws surrounding imports and exports, and we encourage our buyers to do the same.

In summary, while door-to-door delivery can often be organized, it does come with additional responsibilities for you as the buyer. However, we at GuangzhouSourcing will provide support and guidance throughout the entire process to make this as hassle-free as possible.

Custom duties are taxes imposed by the importing country's government on goods shipped from overseas. These duties can vary significantly based on the type of product, its value, its country of origin, and other factors. The customs authorities of the importing country are responsible for setting and collecting these duties.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we can provide you with general guidance on customs duties. However, determining the exact amount of custom duties applicable to your specific products is beyond our control as it is governed by your local customs authority. 

Most local authorities offer online resources or portals where you can check for duties. These tools often allow you to input detailed information about your products (for instance, the Harmonized System (HS) code, which is a standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products) and in return, they provide you with an estimated amount or rate of duty that will apply to your products upon importation.

We encourage you to consult these resources or engage a licensed customs broker or a freight forwarder who has expertise in this area. It is essential to have a correct understanding of any customs duties, as these will form part of the total cost of bringing your products from the supplier to their final destination.

While we at GuangzhouSourcing do our utmost to facilitate a smooth procurement and shipping process, we do advise that you stay informed about your responsibilities as an importing party, including payment of customs duties. We are here to support your procurement needs and assist you through this process wherever possible, but the ultimate responsibility for meeting import regulations and paying any applicable duties rests with the buyer.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we place great emphasis on securing your goods during transit. When it comes to insurance, the responsibility for this depends largely on the International Commercial Terms (INCO terms) that are agreed upon during the negotiation process.

1. EXW (Ex Works)

Under Ex Works terms, the buyer is responsible for arranging and covering all costs, including insurance, from the moment the goods leave the manufacturer's premises.

2. FOB (Free on Board)

Under Free on Board terms, the seller is responsible for the goods until they are loaded on board the ship at the port of departure. Once the goods are onboard the ship, the buyer assumes all responsibility, including insurance.

3. CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

Under CIF terms, the seller is responsible for insuring the goods during transit to the port of destination. While this provides some cover, the buyer may want to consider additional insurance for any risks not covered under the CIF terms.

It's important to carefully review and understand the INCO terms before selecting an option. We are more than happy to discuss these terms with you to ensure you fully understand the implications in terms of cost, risk, and responsibilities, including the matter of insurance.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we advise our clients to consider comprehensive insurance to protect against potential loss or damage of goods during shipment. There are various types of transit insurance available for international shipments, and we can guide you in understanding your options. We always recommend taking steps to ensure your goods have adequate insurance coverage, offering you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Yes, at GuangzhouSourcing, in addition to our procurement services, we definitely provide support in arranging and booking shipments on your behalf. We understand that coordinating international shipments can be a complex and time-consuming task, and our aim is to streamline this process for our clients as much as possible.

We maintain partnerships with a variety of reliable freight forwarders and carriers, which allows us to find the best possible shipping solutions for your specific requirements. Whether it's sea freight or air freight, we can arrange the logistics depending on your budget, delivery time frame, and the nature of the goods.

In terms of charges, we generally apply a 5% service fee on all shipping-related costs for coordinating the shipping process. Our service fee covers the time and effort involved in liaising with carriers, scheduling pickups, handling paperwork, and overall management of the shipping process.

Do note that the ultimate responsibility of complying with import regulations and the payment of any applicable duties rests with you, the buyer. However, our team will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping journey.

By entrusting GuangzhouSourcing with your shipment booking, rest assured that you are choosing a team of professionals committed to ensuring your goods reach their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Are you a shipping agent?

No - this is just a clear no: we are a procurement agent, not a shipping agent.

FAQ: FF&E and OS&E Procurement

Yes, we at GuangzhouSourcing are fully equipped and experienced to assist with sourcing your entire Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) package in China. We understand the importance of procuring the right FF&E to bring your design and functional needs to fruition.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we follow a systematic and robust process for procuring Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) in China to ensure highest quality outcomes. This process is important whether you're outfitting a single location or deploying a large-scale project.

1. Understanding the specifications

Our procurement process begins by thoroughly understanding the product specifications provided by the architects or the clients. These specifications outline the key characteristics of the FF&E items, such as materials, dimensions, colors, styles, functionalities, and any other requirements.

2. Sourcing Suppliers

Once we have a clear understanding of the product specifications, the next step involves sourcing suppliers who can meet these requirements. Our team uses its extensive network and comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese market to identify potential suppliers.

3. Requesting Quotations

We then start the process of requesting quotations from these suppliers. This involves providing them with the specifications and requesting detailed pricing. Negotiations may occur at this stage to align the pricing with your budgetary requirements.

4. Sample Production and Approval

After a supplier is selected, we often request sample production for your approval. This step ensures that the final products will match your expectations in terms of quality, design, and functionality.

5. Placing the Order

Once the sample is approved, we proceed to place the order with the supplier. This includes finalizing the payment terms, delivery timelines, quality check procedures, and other relevant details.

6. Quality Control

During production, we engage in rigorous quality control checks. This could involve site visits, random sampling, or third-party quality checks, ensuring the FF&E items align with the specifications and maintain the desired quality.

7. Shipment

After quality assurance, we coordinate the logistics for the shipment of the finished FF&E items. This includes managing customs paperwork, arranging for transportation, and ensuring safe delivery to your location.

8. Post-Delivery Support

Our service continues even after the shipment has been delivered. Whether there is a need for assembly instructions, warranty details, or addressing any concerns post-delivery, we are here to help and support.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we aim to make the procurement of FF&E from China a seamless and successful experience for you, ensuring that the process from initial specifications to post-delivery support, is professionally and diligently handled.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we absolutely do cater to the need for shop drawings as part of our comprehensive sourcing and procurement services.

1. In-House Shop Drawings for Furniture

For furniture items, we create shop drawings in-house. Our team of experienced technicians can produce detailed, accurate drawings that include all necessary specifications such as dimensions, design details, materials used, and assembly instructions, among other details. These fact-based, detailed outlines facilitate accurate construction and assembly, ensuring the final product aligns with your expectations and requirements.

2. Coordinated Shop Drawings for Other Products

For products other than furniture, we closely collaborate with the manufacturers to create the required shop drawings. Our team works alongside the manufacturers to ensure that these drawings are comprehensive, matching your exact specifications and standards, providing a solid basis for quality production.

Rest assured, our aim at GuangzhouSourcing is to make your procurement process smooth and error-free. By providing shop drawings, we ensure that every product delivered to you is made to your exact specifications, ultimately enriching your overall procurement experience with us.

At GuangzhouSourcing, we cater to the specific requirements and preferences of our clients when it comes to furniture delivery. Your furniture can be delivered in the way that best meets your needs – either knocked-down or fully assembled.

1. Knocked-Down Furniture

If you opt for knocked-down furniture (also known as 'flat-packed' or 'ready-to-assemble'), your furniture will be delivered in disassembled parts along with all the necessary hardware and instructions for assembly. This option can sometimes lead to cost savings on transportation and storage, as knocked-down furniture takes up less space. However, it might require extra effort for assembly upon arrival.

2. Fully Assembled Furniture

On the other hand, if you prefer fully assembled furniture, your pieces will be delivered ready for use. This option eliminates any need for assembly on your end. While it might require more transportation and storage space compared to knocked-down pieces, this option offers the immediate functionality of the furniture upon delivery.

Ultimately, the choice between knocked-down or fully assembled furniture depends on your specific circumstances, such as your budget, storage and space availability, and manpower for assembly. 

At GuangzhouSourcing, we strive to deliver your furniture in the manner that is most aligned with your needs and preferences, ensuring the procurement process is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Please review our furniture care instructions

Please review our warranty schedule

Yes, we at GuangzhouSourcing are indeed capable of facilitating the customization of furniture according to your specific needs. We understand that custom furniture can add significant value by providing unique, tailor-made solutions that fit seamlessly into your interior spaces.

Your customization needs could range from choosing specific materials, colors, or finishes, adjusting dimensions to fit a particular space, or even creating unique design elements that match your brand or personal taste.

We liaison with skilled manufacturers who specialize in bespoke furniture production, allowing us to transform your designs into high-quality, real-world furniture. Our process involves:

1. Understanding Your Requirements

We start by understanding your unique requirements for the furniture. This can include designs, sketches, technical specifications, and any other unique features you wish to incorporate.

2. Design Validation

We collaborate with the manufacturer to validate the technical aspects of the design, ensuring it's producible and won't compromise functionality or durability.

3. Sample Creation

Before full-scale production, a sample piece is typically created for your approval. This ensures that the final product will meet your expectations in terms of design, quality, and functionality.

4. Production & Quality Control

After sample approval, we oversee production, ensuring adherence to your specifications. We conduct rigorous quality control checks during the production process and before shipping.

We at GuangzhouSourcing pride ourselves on being able to cater to your specific needs and helping bring your furniture visions to life with our custom furniture sourcing services.

Are you sourcing bespoke joinery?

Yes, at GuangzhouSourcing, we do offer services for sourcing bespoke joinery. We understand the importance of unique, tailor-made joinery items for interior spaces, especially in terms of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and overall quality.

Our experienced team works closely with a network of skilled manufacturers and craftsmen who specialize in custom joinery. We can facilitate the creation of a range of custom joinery items like custom-made furniture, shopfitting, cabinetry, and other unique woodwork as per your design specifications and quality standards.

We also ensure stringent quality controls and inspections throughout the sourcing and manufacturing processes. This includes procuring the necessary materials, overseeing production, conducting strict quality inspections, and ensuring timely delivery.

Whether your project requires meticulous craftsmanship for a boutique hotel or practical and stylish solutions for offices or residential spaces, we at GuangzhouSourcing are here to facilitate the seamless procurement of your custom joinery needs.