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We are procurement specialists for Hotel Supplies and OS&E in China.
While taking full advantage of competitive Chinese pricing, we supply only top-quality hotel and restaurant OS&E.

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What is OS&E?

Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) is an essential component in the operation of any commercial project, particularly within the hospitality industry. Contrary to its counterpart FF&E, items falling under OS&E are smaller, typically manufactured off-site, and do not require installation. These products are often available "off the shelf" and can conveniently be selected from catalogues.

Broadly, the spectrum of OS&E is vast, incorporating a range of products fluidly transitioning between front-of-house items to vital back-of-house assets. It envelops everything from aesthetically pleasing chinaware that adorns your dining spaces, intricately woven bed linen that increase the comfort quotient of your guest rooms, to the pristine silverware that adds a touch of elegance to your tabletops. 

Inclusively, it spans into the domains covering practical supplies such as uniforms for staff, various housekeeping equipment, and essential engineering tools. It extends further to cover all loose kitchen and laundry equipment, comfortable bedding and mattresses. 

Small yet significant details, like fuel, array of toiletries such as soap, shampoo, cleaning materials, everyday essentials like matches, napkins, stationery and other similar items, fall under the broad OS&E umbrella. These items, while seemingly insignificant in isolation, collectively contribute to the smooth functionality of your establishment and greatly enhance the user experience.

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 restaurant table with empty plates and utensils, ready for a delicious meal to be served.
 A tray with shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles neatly arranged.

Guest Room Amenities

Hotel room with bed, chair, and green pillows

Linen & Bedding

luxurious display of plates and bowls on a beautifully set buffet table.

Crockery & Table Ware

Modern commercial kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances for efficient cooking.

Kitchen & Restaurant Supplies

A trolley with neatly folded towels and various items.

Cleaning Equipment

Pool maintenance equipment and accessories: brushes, nets, vacuum heads, chemicals, and test kits.

Pool Supplies

Guangzhou has the biggest and most famous markets for hotel OS&E all across China

Visit us and Guangzhou and discover endless opportunities for sourcing your OS&E in China.

 Champagne and flowers on bed tray

Strategically sourcing OS&E in China

The prospect of procuring OS&E supplies in China may initially seem daunting. Various factors need to be considered and coordinated, demanding substantial time and effort. For a complete OS&E package, coordination needs to occur across multiple suppliers. Quality inspections need to be conducted to ensure that the supplied products align with the expected standards.

Then comes the noteworthy aspect of cost efficiency. The objective is not just to achieve cost savings on paper but to ensure that these savings do not get overshadowed by the time and effort spent on procurement. Navigating these challenges can make acquiring OS&E in China a complex task.

Furthermore, several questions loom at project's inception stage. Where can one reliably purchase OS&E in China? How can this be done without jeopardizing the project's timeline and financial scope? These questions intensify the decision-making process and highlight the importance of having a reliable and experienced procurement partner.

With expertise in the procurement field, Guangzhou Sourcing can alleviate these challenges. Our knowledge, network, and tested strategies ensure the OS&E procurement process in China is simplified and effective, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional quality. Through a harmonious blend of negotiation skills, stringent quality checks, and efficient coordination with suppliers, we maximize the cost and quality benefits of OS&E procurement for our clients. This allows your team to focus on core project functions, while we ensure smooth and reliable procurement operations.

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