Regional Contact Persons

 Germany  Austria
 Switzerland  Rest of Europe

Clemens Rudolph

Contact Person Germany, Austria & Switzerland

 Australia  New Zealand USA  Canada

Luke Lao

Contact Person Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada +1-778-300-6011

 Netherlands   Belgium 

Kars Nicolai

Contact Person Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg

 United Kingdom
 Sweden  Norway

Bella Fang

Contact Person UK & Scandinavia

 Saudi Arabia  United Arab Emirates
 Kuwait  Bahrain  Qatar

Andrew Popplewell

Contact Person for all Middle Eastern Countries +971-50-236-9319

 France  Monaco

Francois Dupuis

Contact Person France & Monaco

   South America
    Caribbean Islands

Joe Zhou

Contact Person South America & Caribbean Islands

 South Africa  Spain
 Portugal  Italy


Contact Person Africa

  • Guangzhou Sourcing International Trade Co. Ltd.

  • 37 Huanshi W Rd, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510010
  • +86-156-2621-3867

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