Residential Project

One of our smaller but nicer projects in Lugano, Switzerland

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At Guangzhou Sourcing, we typically focus on commercial projects; however, the exquisite residential project in Lugano captivated us with its exceptional design and impeccable craftsmanship. It was impossible to resist showcasing our involvement in this exceptional endeavor. We were entrusted with procuring both loose furniture and joinery, elements that played integral roles in enhancing the beauty and functionality of the space. Our team painstakingly selected each piece of furniture with exquisite taste and attention to detail, ensuring that they complemented the overall aesthetic and reflected the unique personality of the residence. From luxurious seating arrangements that exuded comfort and elegance to meticulously crafted joinery that seamlessly integrated with the architectural elements, our sourcing efforts resulted in a harmonious fusion of style and functionality. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our contribution to this stunning residential project in Lugano, knowing that our sourcing expertise has helped create a truly remarkable living space that embodies sophistication and timeless elegance.